TV Commercials

Check out some of our B-Line TV Commercials:

B-Line Tracker - Extended Version (Oct 2013)

B-Line Tracker - Short Version (Oct 2013)

B-Line Jingle Lip Sync (April 2013)

Testimonials (Nov 2011)

Where Ever You Want to Go (Oct 2011)

Six minute video highlighting changes in the B-Line system (Nov 2010) 

Changes in the System (Nov 2010) 

Things You Can't Do While Driving (July 2010)

Love on the Bus (July 2010)

B-Line Jingle (Dec 2008)

Math Kid (Oct 2008)

How to Ride the Bus (Aug 2008)

I Told You So (Nov 2007)

Bus vs. Car (Nov 2007)

Save-A-Lot (July 2005)

Joe Millionaire (July 2006) 

Instructional Videos

Ten minute instructional video covering the basics on Riding the Bus (Dec 2010)