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Proposed Fare IncreaseTop of Page

Butte Regional Transit (B-Line) is proposing a fare increase to begin in FY 2019/20. The transit system is required by law to maintain a certain level of farebox recovery. Because of increased costs and the unprecedented changes in operating due to the Camp Fire the current fare structure will not allow the system to meet the needs of the FY 2019/20 budget. 
Fixed Route fares have not increased in over five years, and have only gone up three times in the past 25 years.
Please refer to the accompanying table to see the current fare and the proposed fare in each category.
To make comments, or to ask questions, about the proposed fare changes, please contact B-Line at:
Mail: BCAG, 326 Huss Drive, Ste 150, Chico CA 95928.
Phone: (530) 809-4616 / Fax: (530) 891-2979
Comments are due by Tuesday, June 25, 2019
A public hearing on this increase will be held at either the June 27 or July 25, 2019 Butte County Association of Governments (BCAG) Board of Directors meeting.

Transit Fares Top of Page

Transit fares went into effect May 25, 2014.
 All purchases are final.

Local Service Regional Service
Regular $1.50
Discount* $0.75
Youth (6-18) $1.00
Child (under 6) 2 free 2 free
Regular $3.00
Discount* $1.50
Youth (6-18) $2.00
10-RIDE PASS    
Regular $13.50
Discount* $6.75
Youth (6-18) $9.00
30-DAY PASS    
Regular $37.50
Discount* $19.00
Youth (6-18) $25.00

ALL DAY PASS - For $4.00 an All Day Pass can be purchased directly from the driver for unlimited access to the entire system for the day. Be sure to tell the driver you want an All Day Pass BEFORE putting your money in the farebox.

If you have a LOCAL ticket, pass, or transfer, it can be upgraded to a REGIONAL fare just by paying the difference. For Regular and Student fare the price difference is .50; for Discount it is .25.

*Discount fares apply to seniors (age 65+), disabled and those with a valid medicare card.
Children under 6 must be accompanied by an adult.


Fares for Paratransit and Dial-a-Ride service are as follows:
(These fares went into effect on January 10, 2018) 

One way trip in ADA Paratransit service area: $3.00
Same Day Service Request:  $4.50
Supplemental Service Zone 1:  $7.50
Supplemental Service Zone 2:  $9.50
Supplemental Service Zone 3:  $11.50
To determine the fare of your ride, and if you will be going into any other zones, you can use this helpful Interactive Paratransit Fare Map.  
Tickets are available for purchase as follows:

2 Ride Pass                             $6.00
$25 Value Card                       $25.00
$50 Value Card                       $50.00

*Please note that Value Cards and Cash are the only accepted forms of payment when traveling in supplemental zones. 

Fareboxes Top of Page

All B-Line fixed route buses are equipped with GFI fareboxes. The fareboxes use magnetic stripe tickets and passes, smart cards, or cash.
Please see the following link for more information about using the fareboxes. General Information flyer answering questions about the fareboxes
a fare box in space with earth in the background

Purchasing Tickets & Passes Top of Page

All tickets/passes (both Fixed Route & Paratransit) may be purchased at the following locations:
(Chico) Butte Regional Transit Office and Chico Transit Center;
(Oroville) City of Oroville, Butte County Public Works;
(Paradise) Town of Paradise (please note, Paradise finance office is only open 9 am - 5 pm, Monday through Thursday).
Bulk ticket and agency sales may be made at the Butte Regional Transit Office, located at 326 Huss Drive, Suite 150, Chico.  You may also order tickets by mail by downloading an order form here. Be certain to enclose a check for payment and a self-addressed, stamped envelope. All sales are final; we do not issue refunds.
Note: Cash and checks only accepted at Paradise and Oroville locations.  Credit cards are now accepted at both Chico locations, and by phone when calling the B-Line office. (Note: a $10 minimum and 3% surcharge applies to all credit card orders).   

​Specialty PassesTop of Page

Some organizations and agencies have special tickets for their employees, customers, members. They include: