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Map your Bus in Real-Time

We are excited to announce a new feature which allows you to be able to see on a map, in real-time, where your bus is, and find out the actual arrival time at your stop.
This feature can be accessed right here from our web site, or you can download an app on your mobile device and take it with you on the go. Just download the DoubleMap app from the App Store or Google Play, and select "Butte Regional Transit" as your system.  
How Mapping your B-Line Bus works:
Once at the map, you can select all the routes, or just the ones you are interested in. 
a screenshot overview of Map My Bus
Zoom in to see the stop locations and where the bus is along the route (in real-time).
A screenshot of a few specific routes on Map My Bus
Click whatever stop you want information for and the actual arrival time will be displayed.
A screenshot showing how stop estimated time of arrivals show up on Map My Bus
The Map your B-Line Bus program will remember your last used preferences, and when you go back to use the map it will bring up the last routes you had highlighted. In addition, on the mobile app, you can save your favorite stops for easy reference.  There is also an announcement feature, so that you can immediately be notified of any detours, delays, or anything else that may affect the routes. 
You can also use the Text Message feature by texting the Bus Stop ID# to 5309245533, and you will receive an immediate reply of the arrival time. You can enter the ID# either by itself, or with the B in front of it. They both work. (After you've sent a text message, we suggest you give the number a contact name, such as "Map my Bus", is make it easier to use in the future.)