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B-Line Routing Study

project overview
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As the owner and operator of B-Line, the Butte County Association of Governments (BCAG) prepared the Routing Study to provide recommendations to improve ridership, identify alternative routing options, and develop innovative solutions that utilize B-Line's existing resources.
This study provides a thorough and comprehensive analysis of all aspects of B-Line operations to determine how to best improve the transit system within available resources. The study evaluated current routes, schedules, passes, technologies, ridership, marketing, fare policy and media, finances, vehicle size and fleet, facilities, and other assets.
The B-Line, like many transit systems across the nation, is facing critical changes to ridership due to several factors. The Coronavirus pandemic had an immediate and wide-reaching impact on ridership and has likely changed the long-term demand for transit as many employees and students are working and learning remotely. The Camp Fire significantly impacted many of the region’s communities and their mobility patterns. There is also growth in the region and an increasing focus on providing transportation alternatives that need to be considered. This study evaluated ridership trends and defined the transit services, routes and schedules that best meet the region’s future mobility needs.

FINAL plan
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The Routing Study was developed based on feedback from community members and stakeholders, survey results, and detailed analyses performed by the consultant team. The recommended alternatives in the Plan aim to improve:
  • Ridership
  • On-time performance 
  • Serve the needs of B-Line riders within existing resources 

Virtual Open House 
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If you were unable to join us on May 9th, and would like learn more about the Draft Plan, please visit our virtual open house website.

WORKSHOP #3 - MAY 9, 2023 - VIRTUAL 
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We held this workshop with a great mix of community members! This Zoom event was intended for community members to provide input on the recommended service changes in the Draft Plan.
To view the workshop recording, click here.

Workshop #2 - October 25, 2022 - Virtual
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Thank you, again, to the citizens and stakeholders that joined us via Zoom on Tuesday, October 25th. This was a great time spent learning about the proposed improvements to the B-Line system, which include adjustments to several routes/stops and the possible addition of microtransit services in multiple areas of Chico and Oroville. 
To view the announcement flyer, which was distributed in English, Spanish and Hmong, click here

workshop #1 - July 14, 2022 - Virtual
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Thank you to those who joined us via Zoom on Thursday, July 14th to learn more about the Routing Study. Your feedback and time are valuable to us.
To view the announcement flyer with more information on the workshop, click here.

existing conditions REVIEW
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BCAG and its consultant team have prepared a memorandum describing the existing conditions of B-Line. This document is the first in a series that will ultimately yield an updated service plan (including routes and schedules) for the transit system. The information in this memo will be the basis for future study steps that consider alternatives with regards to service strategies, routes, and schedules. The fixed route memo can be viewed by clicking here and appendices are here. The review of paratransit services can be found here

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In an effort to evaluate the current B-Line bus services and possible future service needs, the project team surveyed riders throughout December 2021 to learn more about their travel patterns including what routes they take, service factors and requested improvements. This feedback from riders will help BCAG to create bus network to better meet the current and future needs of residents.
Summary of Findings:
  • 280 passengers participated in the survey.
  • Almost 1/3 of respondents were students—and most of those from Chico State, and another 1/3 are local employees.
  • Transfers are most common between Routes 3 and 4, and between Routes 14 and 15. Twenty percent of all transfers were from passengers riding Route 14.
  • Seventy-seven percent of respondents ranked B-Line service as good or excellent.
  • The highest ranked B-Line service factors were driver courtesy and affordability.
  • The lowest ranked B-Line service factors were bus stops and shelters and B-Line information at the bus stops.
  • Participant’s most often requested improvement is for more frequent weekend service and more shelters at bus stops.
To review the full summary of findings click here

Get involved
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B-Line is committed to robust public engagement to assure the Butte County region community members have an opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas for improving B-Line bus service for all community members.
Please sign up for future study updates and to learn about opportunities to get involved in the process by emailing Sara Cain at