What is B-Line?

Welcome to the B-Line Website. B-Line (Butte Regional Transit) is Butte County's regional public transit system. You can use B-Line to travel locally in Chico, Oroville, Paradise, or to travel between communities throughout Butte County. With a simple fare structure and transfer policy, using transit in Butte County is easier than ever, and a great way to save on high gas prices. To make your ride easier B-Line has recently added the B-Line Tracker, which allows you to see, in real-time, when your bus is going to arrive. B-Line has also partnered with Google Maps to make Planning your Trip much more convenient. 

On-line B-Line schedule.  If you have any questions about the B-Line, you can fill out this form, or post a comment on our Facebook page
Route 52 Chico Airport Express Service is in full swing
Route 52 is an Express service, beginning and ending in Oroville, to the Chico Airport Industrial Park. As such it has a limited number of bus stop locations, but they are strategically placed to maximize efficiency and connectivity. After an early morning arrival from Oroville, the route makes three a.m. trips to the Airport, one noontime run, then three p.m. trips. After the final run from the airport, the route continues on to Oroville where it ends the day at the Oroville Transit Center. Trips without a time listed at the North Valley Plaza location continue straight on Cohasset, and do not serve the Pillsbury stop on that trip. Route 52 Chico Airport Express brochure.  

For questions about schedules, routes or lost and found call:
342-0221 (in Chico/Paradise)
or toll free (800) 822-8145

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