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left chevron arrow blueIndividual Schedules & Route Maps
- Click on the menu to the left for the route you need.
- Each link will open to the schedule, a map and a table listing all stops for that route. 
- The table with the stop listings will include the stop ID # that you can text
  to (530) 924-5354 to get real-time information on the next bus departure time from that stop.
  The format for the text is "stop #-space-route #" (Example: "367 15")
 - This is the latest printed brochure (Dated: September 1, 2019).
-  Any system wide changes can be accesed by clicking on the "Scedule Revisions" link below.
- Para una versión en español del folleto, haga clic aquí.
- The latest B-Line fixed route revisions were effective on: August 24, 2020 (for Fall 2020).
- The Fall 2020 revisions include changes to Rotue 5 and Route 52

Area Route & Stop Location Maps

- These are special maps covering the five specific city/town areas in Butte County.
- The maps detail the fixed routes in each area, as well as each current designated stop where you can board a B-Line bus.
Links will open to printable PDF versions of the documents or additional web pages with links to PDF versions. 

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