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Fares & Purchasing Locations

Transit Fares

Transit Fares

All purchases are final. No change or refunds are given by B-Line drivers.
Current transit fares went into effect September 1, 2019, and the Fixed Route Fare Structure was simplified effective October 1, 2023.
Fare simplification DID NOT increase any of the fares set in 2019. Instead, it eliminated sales of the 2-ride pass, which was not discounted, and expanded the discount fare of $0.85 to include Youth (6-18), Disabled, all Veterans and Seniors age 65 or older. 
token transit

token transit

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FARE Types

FARE Types

  Local Service Regional Service
Regular $1.75 $2.40
Discount* $0.85 $1.20
Child (under 6) 2 free 2 free
10-RIDE PASS    
Regular $15.75 $21.60
Discount* $7.65 $10.80
30-DAY PASS    
Regular $43.50 $57.50
Discount* $21.50 $30.00
ALL-DAY PASS (Systemwide)
$5.00 $5.00
                         Tell driver you want a day pass BEFORE putting money in farebox.
If you're in one city (i.e. Oroville, Chico, Gridley/Biggs, or the Paradise/Magalia area) and your trip will stay in that city, you'll need local fare. If you are going from one city to another, you'll need regional fare.
If you have a LOCAL ticket, pass, or transfer, it can be upgraded to a REGIONAL fare just by paying the difference:
Regular: $0.65
Discount: $0.35
*DIScount Fare

*DIScount Fare

Discount fare can be applied by showing proof of eligibility.
If you are a Youth (ages 6 - 18), have a disibility, are a Veteran of any age, or a Senior age 65 or older, the best way to do this is to have a B-Line Discount Fare ID Card with you. Discount fare card application can be found here. There is a $3.00 fee for the card and it must be renewed every five (5) years.
Alternate ways to present eligibility to the driver at the time you board a bus include:
Age/Veteran’s Based Verification:
  • B-Line Discount Fare ID Card
  • Government Issued ID showing picture and birthdate (Youth or Senior)
  • School Issued ID Card (Youth)
  • Valid Veteran’s ID
  • Medi-Care Card (Senior)
Disability Verification:
  • B-Line Discount Fare ID Card
  • Disabled Status Card/Document from Another Transit Agency
  • Obvious physical impairments do not need verification (i.e., paraplegics, amputees)

Children under 6 must be accompanied by a fare-paying adult.


Fares for Paratransit and Dial-a-Ride service are as follows:
(These fares went into effect on September 1, 2019.)
One way trip in ADA Paratransit service area: $3.50
Same Day Service Request:  $5.25
Supplemental Service Zone 1:  $8.75
Supplemental Service Zone 2:  $10.75
Supplemental Service Zone 3:  $12.75
To determine the fare of your ride, and if you will be going into any other zones, you can use this helpful Interactive Paratransit Fare Map
Tickets are available for purchase as follows:

2-Ride Pass                            $7.00
$25 Value Card                       $25.00

*Please note that Value Cards and Cash are the only accepted forms of payment when traveling in supplemental zones. 
We have discontinued the $50 Value Card and 2-ride pass and will no longer be selling them. You're welcome to order multiple $25 Value Cards, pay with cash, or use the Mobile Pass to purchase additional rides.


All B-Line fixed route buses are equipped with GFI fareboxes. The fareboxes use magnetic stripe tickets and passes, smart cards, or cash.
Please see the following link for more information about using the fareboxes. General Information flyer answering questions about the fareboxes
a fare box in space with earth in the background
Purchasing Tickets & Passes

Purchasing Tickets & Passes

All tickets/passes (both Fixed Route & Paratransit) may be purchased at the following locations:
(Chico) Butte Regional Transit Office(M-F 9am-3pm);
Chico Transit Center (M-F 7:30a-12:00p and 12:30p-5:00p);
(Oroville) Butte County Public Works (please call before visiting (530) 538-7681);
(Paradise) Town of Paradise (M-Th 9am-4pm).


You may also order tickets by mail by downloading an order form here
Be certain to enclose a check for payment and a self-addressed, stamped envelope. All sales are final; we do not issue refunds.
Bulk ticket and agency sales may be made at the Butte Regional Transit Office, located at 326 Huss Drive, Suite 150, Chico. For a bulk order form, please call (530) 809-4616 x1.
Cash and checks only accepted at Paradise, Gridley, and Oroville locations.  
Credit cards are now accepted at both Chico locations, and by phone when calling the B-Line office. Note: a $10 minimum and 3% surcharge applies to all credit card orders.
Credit/Debit card transiactions are secured by CompliAssure. 


In order to improve efficiency, B-Line has implemented a Discount Fare Eligibility Card that you may need to show when purchasing fare and/or boarding the bus. Discount Fare Cards have a one-time fee of $3.00 in order to be issued, and that is payable with cash, check, or money order.
The application will need to be filled out completely and returned with the fee and one form of supplemental verification.
Please submit ONE of the following with your application:
Age/Veteran’s Based Verification:
  • Government Issued ID showing picture and birthdate (only if requesting card as age 65+)
  • School Issued ID Card (for 18 and under)
  • Valid Veteran’s ID
  • Medi-Care Card
Disability Verification:
  • ADA Paratransit Authorization Letter
    • If this letter is issued by any agency other than B-Line we reserve the right to follow up with that agency to confirm eligibility.
  • Discount Fare Card or Document from Another Transit Agency
  • Medi-Care award letter
  • Social Security Disability award letter
  • DMV permanent handicap placard receipt showing the name of the owner
    • The name listed must match the name on this application.
  • Physician’s Certification
    • If providing a letter from your physician, it must be on letterhead and signed by the doctor. B-Line reserves the right to follow up on any letter provided for this purpose.
  • Obvious physical impairments do not need verification if applying in person (ie: paraplegics, amputees)
  • If applying in person, a photo will be taken at time of submittal.
  • If applying via mail, a clear headshot photo needs to be sent in with your application.
Click here to download the eligiblity application. You can either mail it in (with payment in check or money order) or drop it off at:
Butte Regional Transit
326 Huss Drive, Suite 150
Chico, CA 95928
For questions or comments, please contact B-Line at (530) 809-4616x1 or email Victoria Proctor at
​Specialty Passes

​Specialty Passes

Some organizations and agencies have special tickets for their employees, customers, members. Check out the links to the following participating organizations and programs:
Chico State (students and staff) - (530) 898-3904
Butte College - (530) 895-2361 or (530) 895-2352
Downtown Chico Employees - (530) 879-7300