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B-Line Paratransit is a shared ride service designed to meet the needs of seniors and persons with qualifying disabilities who are unable to use the B-Line fixed route services.  B-Line offers two types of paratransit services:
1.  ADA PARATRANSIT - Individuals who cannot utilize the fixed route system must receive Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) certification to utilize  this service.  This certification ensures trips are given priority status.
2.  DIAL-A-RIDE - Dial-a-Ride service is provided only to those riders who are age 70 or older. Current riders who are between the ages of 65-70 will be able to continue to use the service, and will be grandfathered in until they reach the age of 70.  Current riders who are under the age of 65 will continue to use the service until their next renewal period. At that time, if they wish to continue using the Paratransit service, they must be eligible for, and apply under the ADA process. Dial-a-Ride trips will not be given priority status should individuals with ADA certification need the service.

Eligibility Determination Procedures - If you are a new paratransit rider you will need to be registered and certified eligible by B-Line prior to using the service. To register for services, please select the appropriate application below and return it to the B-Line office.  Applications can also be sent to you at your request by calling the B-Line administrative office (530) 809-4616.
ADA Paratransit Application

Dial-a-Ride Application  (effective July 1, 2014)  

The Paratransit Rider's Guide has all the information needed to use the system, including hours, eligibility requirements and how to schedule a ride.

Fares: One-way fare is $3.00 (same day requests are $4.50), a 2-ride pass is $6.00, and $25 and $50 Value Cards are also available.  Passes can be purchased at Downtown Chico Transit Center, City of Oroville, Butte County Public Works and the Town of Paradise.To purchase by mail, click here for an order form.  Be certain to include a check for payment and a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Please be aware that if you are traveling in one of our supplemental zones, value cards or cash are the only accepted forms of payment.
To help determine the fare and zones of your trip use this Interactive Paratransit Map.