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Route 40/41 (Paradise-Magalia-Chico)

Scroll below to view current Route 40/41 schedules, maps, etc.
May 2022 Update: Due to construction for the Skyway Rehabilitation Project, delays may occur due to traffic controls. Additional projects are also planned in the area for the rest of 2022 that may cause similar delays. Please be patient and plan accordingly if possible. 
Due to the Camp Fire, Routes 40 & 41 serving Magalia and Paradise were combined into one schedule. Stops on this combined route are still located as indicated on the route map and stops list. This combined schedule went into effenct in January 2019 and it is unknown at this time if the service will return to pre-Camp Fire service levels. As a reminder, Route 31 between Paradise and Oroville has also been suspended until further notice due to impacts of the Camp Fire. If changes or adjustments are made to this service in the future, information will be posted here. 
Click the following links to access a PDF copy of the Mon-Fri schedule / Saturday schedules / map / stops list.
route 4 0 and 40 saturday schedule
Aerial color coded map of the Paradise center
All stops on route 40
All stops on route 41