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Interior Bus Ads

Reach Butte County Riders with Your Message
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Individuals read and remember interior bus advertising. While riding, passengers have a chance to read your message and you will be reaching a wide range of people, including parents, students, seniors, business commuters, and more.
The B-Line fixed route fleet currently has 29 fixed route vehicles. These vehicles provide service on up to 21 routes throughout Butte County. Pre pandemic, the yearly ridership on B-Line was nearly 1 million. There are up to 26 buses on the streets at any given time.
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Advertising Cards are placed on all 29 rack equipped vehicles. Vehicles are not route specific. Exact placement position of the ad within the vehicles cannot be guaranteed; however, if two cards are placed in a single vehicle, every effort will be made to place them at opposite ends. For contracts longer than two months, the advertiser can replace cards with new ad copy every two months.
Advertising space in the vehicles is sold as a package for all 29 vehicles (one card placed in each vehicle). A second ad card can be placed in the buses (58 total cards) with the 2nd card receiving a 50% discount. Prices vary depending on the length of the placement and the size of the ad card. Non-profit agencies receive a 50% discount from the posted rates. Please refer to the rate card for price. All rates are monthly. Payment is due at the beginning of each month ads will be displayed. On placements longer than two months, a 10% discount will be given if the entire amount is paid up front (No refunds on prepaid amounts).
Ad Card Specs
The rate is for placement only. Advertisers are responsible for furnishing their own ad cards. The racks are standard 11 inches in height (If you are laminating your card, be sure the final size is 11 inches). Several width sizes are accepted (17, 28, 34/35, 42). The top and bottom edges are seated in a groove, so remember to account for ¼ inch on each edge when laying out the ad copy. Ads must be produced on card stock or other sturdy material.
Copy for ad is subject to approval by B-Line. If there is any question as to the acceptability of any ad, it is required you show the ad to B-Line prior to approval. Advertisements must reflect the best interests of B-Line and the regional areas of service which include the cities, town, and County of Butte. B-Line will not accept advertisements that are false, misleading, or deceptive; tobacco or tobacco related products; vaping or cannabis products; alcohol or alcohol related products; political campaigns or political issues; obscene or pornographic; promote firearms; or that infringe on any copyright, trade or service mark, title or slogan.
All printed material must be delivered to the following B-Line office at least one week prior to the start date:
Butte Regional Transit Interior Ads
Attn: Sara Cain
326 Huss Drive Suite 150
Chico, CA 95928
B-Line is not responsible for any vandalism done to the ad cards. Vandalized cards, however, will be replaced if extra cards have been provided. Please note that in general vandalism within our buses is not a problem.
Contact B-Line at (530) 809-4616 or email Sara Cain at

Interior Bus Advertising Rates
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1 card per vehicle (29 total cards)
  11x17 11x28 11x34/35 11x42
1-2 months $450 $480 $510 $540
3-8 months $390 $420 $450 $480
9-12 months $360 $390 $420 $450
2nd sign in vehicle - 50% off (58 total cards)
1-2 months $675 $720 $765 $810
3-8 months $585 $630 $675 $720
9-12 months $540 $585 $630 $675
Non-profit agencies receive 50% discount
Rate is per month.
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