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B-Line FAQ


The three transit centers in Chico, Paradise and Oroville, along with the Forest Avenue Transfer Point, are designed to make transfers between routes quick and easy. In looking at the B-Line schedule you should notice that almost every route that goes to a Transit Center is timed to meet up with other buses.

In addition, many routes have well-timed connections away from the transit centers. Listed here are descriptions of some of the more useful connection points. There are many other transfer points, but these are some of the most common.   (In the descriptions below, TC = Transit Center)

If the route you are planning to transfer to has a tight time connection, be sure to let your driver know you are planning to transfer, so the other bus can watch for you. Because the whole system runs on timed transfers and connection points, the driver generally cannot wait more than three minutes for a transfer from a bus that is running behind schedule.

To get between Chico and Oroville
Runs on Route 20 are timed to meet with the local routes in both Chico and Oroville at each TC. To get to Chico from Thermalito, take Route 24 and transfer to Northbound Route 20 at Butte County Public Works.

To get to Oroville from Magalia
Take the first Westbound Route 41 to Skyway & Wagstaff, transfer to Southbound Route 31. (This connection point also works for the Butte College bus).
To get to Magalia from Oroville
Take Northbound Route 31 to Skyway & Wagstaff, transfer to Eastbound Route 41.

To get to Clark Road from Magalia
Take Westbound Route 41 and transfer to the Eastbound Route 40 at either the Paradise TC, or Skyway/Wagstaff, or Skyway/Clark. The location depends on the timing for that particular run.

To get to Magalia from Clark Road
Take Westbound Route 40 and transfer to Eastbound Route 41 at either the Paradise TC, or Skyway/Wagstaff, or Skyway/Clark. The location depends on the timing for that particular run.

To get to Paradise & Chico from Magalia on Saturday
Take the a.m. Route 41 from Magalia and transfer to Route 40 at Skyway & Wagstaff. This run is timed to allow taking Route 40 to either Clark Road, or to Chico. In the p.m. take Route 40 back to Skyway & Wagstaff, then transfer to Route 41. There is also one midday run which goes directly from Magalia to Chico, via Clark.

To get to/from Pleasant Valley High School to/from Lassen Avenue
Getting to PVHS: Take Northbound Route 15, transfer to Southbound Route 7 at Lassen & Ceres. PVHS to Lassen: Take the Northbound Route 7, transfer to Southbound Route 15 at Ceres & Lassen.

To get to/from Chico Community Employment Center/MLK & Work Training Center to/from Oroville/Paradise
Coming to Chico: Take Routes 20, 40 & 41 to the Forest Xfer, then take Northbound Route 15. All day connections for the CEC/MLK. For WTC use 7:34 a.m. time only. Leaving Chico: Take Southbound Route 15 to the Forest Xfer, then transfer to respective route (20, 40 or 41). If coming from WTC, use the Southbound Route 15 that arrives at Forest Xfer at 3:54 p.m.

To get between Gridley and Oroville Wal-Mart on Saturday  
Take Northbound Route 30, transfer to Southbound Route 20 at the Oroville TC. For return trip, catch Northbound Route 20 at Feather River & Oro Dam Blvd, transfer to Southbound Route 30 at TC.


My stop is not shown on the map or timetable. Will the bus stop there
The B-Line schedules only list selected time points on each route. The bus can stop at every stop location along that route, not only at the listed time points. A complete list of stop locations by route is available on the individual route pages.  You can estimate the time the bus will be at your stop by looking at the nearest time points before and after your selected stop.
Do any routes have variations on specific runs?
To accommodate some specific needs, certain routes vary on specific runs. On Route 15, two a.m. runs and two p.m. runs bypass MLK and instead go by the Work Training Center on Fair Street. On Route 20 the first two runs and the last two runs in Oroville go by the Park and Ride lot at 3rd & Grand.  Route 31, between Paradise and Oroville, will stop at Butte College Main Campus upon request. The first Route 30 run leaving Oroville will deviate by the Feather River Industries on Kusel upon request. On Route 41 the first two morning runs and the last evening run in Paradise Pines serves the Carnegie/Coulter loop.