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Route 40 (Paradise - Chico)

Please note that due to the popularity of the 7 a.m. Route 41 run between Paradise and Chico, B-Line runs a concurrent ROUTE 40 EXPRESS during the school year that serves the Paradise stops, then goes directly to the downtown Chico Transit Center.

It follows the current Route 40 Westbound (inbound) counterclockwise run, beginning at the Paradise Transit Center at 6:44, with time points at Skyway/Wagstaff 6:58, Almond/Birch 7:05. It then heads straight the Chico Transit Center (bypassing Forest Ave and making only one stop, at the Chico Park 'n Ride), arriving downtown around 7:35.

Route 40 EXPRESS does not operate during the Chico State summer or winter breaks.

Paradise Route MapTop of Page

Aerial color coded map of the Paradise center

Chico Route MapTop of Page

Aerial map of the central Chico service area

Route 40 StopsTop of Page

Please note: The stops shown in Bold correspond to the time points listed in the schedule.

All stops on route 40