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Market Based Study

BCAG and B-Line kicked off a Market Based Transit Study in February 2009. The purpose of this study is to comprehensively evaluate the current fixed route system design to determine if it is effectively meeting consumer needs within the Butte County area. BCAG has contracted with the firm Transit Resource Center (TRC) to head this project. Cliff Chambers is the Project Manager for TRC. 

The recommendations of the study were implemented on November 1, 2010. 


This is the Executive Summary of the Market Based Transit Study which was presented to the BCAG Board of Directors at its June meeting.



The Market Based Transit Study Project Development Team met on April 26, 2010 to review the updated service alternatives. These alternatives will be presented to the public during a series of workshop May 10-12.

The new points developed in this presentation were the connection between routes 2 and 7, the transfer times between local and regional routes at the Forest Ave Transit Point (referred to in this presentation as the Walmart Transfer Point).


This is a working paper on four service alternatives being considered for the B-Line fixed route bus service in Butte County. B-Line provided 67,024 annual vehicle revenue hours (VRH) as of November 2008, the baseline date used for the Market-Based Transit Study.

The four alternatives include:
  1. A 10% decrease in vehicle revenue hours.
  2. Reallocation of existing vehicle revenue hours to better meet market needs.
  3. 10% increase in vehicle revenue hours.
  4. Market Based scenario that reasonably matches market needs with B-Line service levels without a financial constraint.
It is important to note that the alternatives which looked at decreases or increases in VRH were only included in the event of sudden and/or drastic change in funding sources. Despite what has been happening in the economy lately, BCAG is committed to not reducing transit service and at this time is only looking to further develop Alternative #2 - The reallocation of existing VRH to better meet market needs.


As a part of the study a market survey (both telephone and e-survey) was conducted May 4-15, 2009 to help determine the travel patterns, usage and perceived ease of use of the B-Line system. The survey encompassed a broad range in order to collect the opinions, not just those that currently use the system, but people who may use the system as well. The information gathered from this survey is helping to focus the Market Study and ensure that our consultants are developing service plans which best meet the needs of our transit users.

If you took the time to complete a survey we thank you for the help in making the B-Line the best system possible. 

The Kick-off meeting for the Market Based Transit Study was held February 6, 2009. 
Materials presented at the meeting:
If you have further questions about this study please contact Sara Cain.

Links and information that may be helpful in developing the Market Based Transit Study.

B-Line completed a comprehensive on-board passenger survey in May 2008. The survey included demographics, origin & destination, and boarding & alighting counts. Information gathered during this survey will be useful in developing a profile for use in travel forecasting and transit planning activities.