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TV Commercials

Check out some of our B-Line TV Commercials:

B-Line Mobile Fare App - Extended Video on how to use the app (Dec 2020) 

B-Line Mobile Fare App - Check Your Phone (Dec 2020) 

B-Line Mobile Fare App - Easier (Dec 2020) 

B-Line On-Time (April 2016) 

B-Line Tracker - Extended Version (Oct 2013)

B-Line Tracker - Short Version (Oct 2013)

B-Line Jingle Lip Sync (April 2013)

Testimonials (Nov 2011)

Where Ever You Want to Go (Oct 2011)

Changes in the System (Nov 2010) 

Things You Can't Do While Driving (July 2010)

Love on the Bus (July 2010)

B-Line Jingle (Dec 2008)

Math Kid (Oct 2008)

How to Ride the Bus (Aug 2008)

I Told You So (Nov 2007)

Bus vs. Car (Nov 2007)

Save-A-Lot (July 2005)

Joe Millionaire (July 2006) 

Instructional/Informational Videos

Instructional/Informational Videos

Ten minute instructional video covering the basics on Riding the Bus (Dec 2010) 

Six minute video highlighting changes in the B-Line system (Nov 2010)