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Paratransit Service Area

This map depicts the core area for each of the ADA Paratransit Service Areas. For a more detailed map of the supplemental zones, click on the map.
A county-wide color coded overview of where the Dial a Ride program operates
Supplemental Service

Supplemental Service

B-Line Paratransit service is available to all destinations within 3/4 of a mile of any Butte Regional Transit fixed route, within Chico, Oroville or Paradise. B-Line also offers supplemental service to areas up to three miles outside the ADA boundaries at an additional cost.  Three one-mile zones that extend progressively further from the ADA core boundary have been identified for Chico, Oroville and Paradise.  In order for service to be provided, there must be a direct, easily accessible route from the core service area.  All trips provided outside the core service area are considered non-ADA and will be provided on a time-and-space available basis.

Zone 1: Up to 1 mile outside ADA service area ($8.75 per ride)
Zone 2: 1-2 miles outside ADA service area ($10.75 per ride)
Zone 3: 2-3 miles outisde ADA service area ($12.75 per ride)

Click on the below link to view the supplemental zone maps: 

Within Gridley, Paratransit service is provided by the Gridley Golden Feather Flyer.